VC Displays is able to offer varying levels of support for your project depending on your requirements.
Our Project Management Team has considerable experience in the display and embedded industry and
have worked within many different markets including:

  • Military
  • Medical
  • Industrial
  • Signage
  • Hospitality and test equipment

Original Design Manufacturing Solutions

VC Displays Embedded have a proven track record when it comes to ODM solutions and have experience in product customisation for retail, public sector, medical, defence and multi-media applications. The projects team have completed projects for many well known brands and blue chip companies. Handling the organisation of product design,samples, prototypes, production, testing and associated documentation.

The Project Process

1. Define Specification
Defining a clear specification is fundamental to the success of any project. Amongst the ideas, creative problem solving and innovative thinking, a clear vision of the project goals and product definition is required.

2. Concept Design
VCDisplays Embedded can help you consider how emerging technologies can integrate with the development of the solution. VCDisplays Embedded's experience in project management will help navigate clients through this initial, but critical, stage. VCDisplays Embedded has a structured process based on hard and fast rules governing the progression from stage to stage with appropriate project reviews and client sign offs.

3. Proof of Concept
Prototyping can form an integral part of the product design and development process, allowing ideas to be tested and proved. Computer simulation, physical models, hardware development or a combination of all may be used to carefully assess a product’s commercial feasibility before further investment.

4. Detailed Design - Hardware
The styling of any product is fundamental to its success. Market analysis establishes the competition, user requirements, commercial appeal, and expectations of product performance. Coupled with careful ergonomic consideration, products are comprehensively designed using various CAD platforms and developed with a style to suit their application and market.

5. Prototyping
VCDisplays Embedded's experienced project and engineering team oversee the manufacture of customers' prototypes to ensure conformance to the design specification.

  • Fast and efficient assembly service
  • Turnkey materials management
  • Design for manufacture, test review and report

6. Pre-Production
The objective of pre-production work is to provide and test a suitable framework for the production processes that follow. Often, a production sample, which will be representative of the main production process will be fully tested and scrutinised prior to full product release and sign off.

7. Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)
In many cases, pre-production sign off occurs during a factory acceptance test process, where the customer examines the process, product and test to ensure that all elements of the specification and any downstream modifications have been implemented satisfactorily.

8. Production
VCDisplays Embedded have many years of experience in taking designs through to manufacture. VCDisplays Embedded can assist through the whole production process utilising in-group and franchise partner relationships as well as a global network of key suppliers.

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