VC Aerospace remains committed to providing the highest quality products and services to our customers.   As the global markets have shifted over the last decade, the introduction of e-waste pollution into the supply chain has presented a serious challenge to the industry. VC continues to develop policies and procedures that mitigate these risks and stand to insure that we continue to provide only the highest level of quality our customers have come to rely upon.

Certifications and Training

From our inception it was apparent that counterfeit components were presenting a major problem and that the detection of these components was of the utmost concern.  In December of 2006 we participated in the first ever Counterfeit Components Symposium hosted by Components Technology Institute, Inc.  We left the conference armed with the knowledge and know-how to better detect counterfeits and a resolve to contribute to the solution. As our methods of detecting counterfeits steadily improved, so did the sophisticated techniques enlisted by the counterfeiters to create product that appears authentic. We have maintained a presence at the CTI’s Counterfeit Component Symposiums in order to learn new methods of detection as well as to share our experience and input to help others to do the same.  Our procedures are constantly evolving in order to keep up with the counterfeiters.

We strive to insure uniformity of implementation in our policies and procedures, and insist and that they are utilized consistently for every company, every product and every service we offer.

Naturally, it was time to implement a quality management system in order to help better meet this objective.  Over the summer of 2007 we went through the arduous process of implementing the ISO9001:2008 standard.  We earned our certificate of compliance on July 7th, 2007. Immediately, we saw the tremendous value the foundation of ISO policy presents and its numerous benefits have proceeded. It was obvious that the investment ISO9001:2008 was sound and shortly after we elected to include the stringent AS9120 accreditation to our procedures in order to better facilitate the needs of our Aerospace Industry customers. Our primary line of defense against counterfeits and substandard product resides in strict adherence to the policies and procedures outlined in our ISO9001:2008 and AS9120 certifications. As our 2011 audit approached we decided to capitalize on the opportunity and opted to include the ISO13485 Medical Devices standard to our resume.  As our other certifications have increased our capabilities, we are confident that the ISO13485 will stand to increase our ability to service those clients in the medical industry.

We are very proud of all our certifications and value their influence on the culture of our organization.
Our mandate (or mission statement) is to consistently deliver products and services that exceed the expectations of our customers.  Our quality management system is maintained by NAQ.USA the premier management system registrar.  You can view all of our certifications here…..

VC Aerospace is proud member of the ERAI

The “ERAI is a privately held global information services organization that monitors, investigates and reports issues that are affecting the global supply chain of electronics.”  The ERAI is major asset to our industry and one of the numerous tools that we rely upon to help combat the problem of e-waste pollution.  As a member of the ERAI we are privy to vast amount of information regarding high risk products as well as an extensive data base of companies known to have dealt in substandard products. This serves as an initial line of defense in evaluating vendors and discerning potential high risk parts.

Supplier Evaluation

Our first line of defense in preventing e-waste contamination in the supply chain is our rigorous vendor approval process.  Before any supplier is added to our approved vendors list, they are screened and assessed for risk using a series of determinants that we have developed over years of experience.  There are several processes by which we evaluate our vendor’s and the ratings assigned are continuously monitored and updated based upon performance.  Some are basic such as checking the ERAI, attaining an ISO certificate and asking for references, while other procedures are much more thorough and help us to determine if a supplier is potentially dealing in substandard product derived from e-waste materials.


Once we do place an order with a supplier our actual inspection process has been honed over the years to thoroughly inspect every aspect of the product when it has been received into our warehouse.  We have designed a report that requires our trained QC department to examine each shipment in a specific order so that each package is inspected in the same manner.  This 35 point inspection process helps to insure that no mistakes are made.  We examine everything including the packaging the product is shipped in, the physical appearance and dimensions of the parts as well as x-ray the parts to examine the internal components.  In 2010 we added the RTX-113 X-ray machine made by Glenbrook Technologies, Inc.  The RTX-113 allows for real time inspection of each component for a rapid, reliable and thorough examination.  We believe the addition of the RTX-113 to our already extensive inspection process has been able to the biggest weapon in our arsenal for the fight against substandard E-waste product.

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A rich resource of Video and Written tutorials are available.

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